Online Music Festival & WildFire Relief Project

Launching September 20, 2021 On Kickstarter

LNU Lightning Complex Fire - North Of Bay Area, CA

A Song for The West - A Multi Artist Son

A Song For The West is a shared revenue model that raises money through music sales and concerts for Bands and Artists who have suffered complete job loss due to Covid 19 - and where 25% of proceeds raised will go towards helping victims of recent devastating Wildfires in the Western United States, California, Australia, and across the planet.

This is accomplished through the digital sales of featured songs by bands & artists, and through online music festivals, live touring & concerts, crowdfunding campaigns, and brand sponsorships.

~     A Song For The West     ~

Thom Sequoia - Acoustic Sessions at Art

"When the world is suddenly on fire, it is time to take action -  

even if it's only the smallest of actions..."

~ Thom Sequoia 
(Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Entrepreneur &
Creator of Music Revolution Media & A Song For The West)

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