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Brand Sponsors Rock The Music!

Brand Sponsors
Just as Event Sponsors are an integral part of any Summer Music Festival, so it is also true with the A Song For The West project. Sponsorships will be open only to a limited number of Sponsors, with category exclusivity.

Our Brand Sponsors care deeply for the creative process of our Bands/Artists and events. They are strongly supportive of helping Fans & Artists connect through live performances and recorded music. As a sponsor, you will be helping provide a platform for artists to work, since CV19 has had a crippling effect on the music industry, as well as providing relief to Wildfire victims.

Sponsorship Packages
If you are a company who cares about supporting the independent music sector, helping Bands & Artists to create great music content, and helping  fans access that music, then we encourage you to join us for the Song for the West project. Reaching fans in the millions, across multiple in person, online, and social media platforms - we have sponsor packages which will bring your brand front and center in the activation delivery department.

Contact us today, as our project events will be launching soon...

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A Song for The West - A Multi Artist Son
A Song for The West - Celebrity Edition.
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A Song for The West - House Concert Fest
A Song for The West - Unmask The Music F
A Song For America - 1000 Songs For Covi
A Song for The West - A Multi Artist Son

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