~     What Can Fans Do?    ~

Do you do the Fandango?

Fans are the lifeblood of musician support.
By pledging to our Kickstarter project, not only do you help Bands & Artists who are suffering job loss from not being able to tour due to Covid 19, but you will also be helping wildfire victims across the western United States.

Your pledge will go to raise money for Bands & Artists to write a song for the A Song For The West events, then perform an online concert, then record the song that will be placed in the compilation album, all of which you will receive

as rewards for your generous donation / pledge.

In turn, Bands & Artists, and all others involved in helping create this great new musical content, have agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds to Wildfire Victims.

Without fans pledging through crowdfunding, all these great bands and artists would not be able to create their magic called music for such a great cause!

Check out our kickstarter project Here - make a pledge, and get great music content as kickstarter rewards

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