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Like A Phoenix, We Must Rise From The Flames

"The Lightning forms, 300 million volts snaking through the medium of nimbus, sky, and water vapor. Bolts arc, vision is blurred from the transluminescent essence carving a God's path across the sky towards the earth. The tree bends and splits to it's will, unable to hold the brilliant form for more than a milisecond. Nano charged particles become spark,  becomes fire, becomes wildfire, becomes firestorm. A season of destruction is born. Death brings life, seeding the new forest that will come after.


Like a phoenix, we must rise from the flames."

                                                                                      ~  Thom Sequoia Kratochvil. ~

Come join us as we tell the firestories through blog and podcast that have affected families and businesses across the Western United States and other places in the world, and as we talk one on one with bands & artists who are creating the songs for the A Song For The West and The Firestorm Relief projects.

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A Song For The West Podcast

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A Song For The West Blog

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The Firestories Podcast

If you, a friend, or a loved one have been directly affected by a wildfire in the Western United States recently,
please click on this link and tell us your story and/or submit for potential financial assistance

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