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The Big Picture

~     A Song For The West     ~

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~  It occurred to me by intuition (the theory of relativity), and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception   ~

~ Albert Einstein

The Big Picture Of How It All Works Together!

We climbed into our time machine and stepped into the future for a looksie...and it looks like we could raise over a million dollars for the A Song For The West project events! Woohoo! Now everyone just needs to make those pledges right now to make that happen, and get their rewards (songs) - and then the A Song For The West project, and bands & artists, will donate a portion of the proceeds to help wildfire victims.


How, you say?  Like this:

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Artists & Bands join together with A Song For The West and launch kickstarter events to give fans great new music, then fans make pledges, get music - and then a portion of the proceeds go to help firestorm victims


Bands & Artists

Join The Project


Write New


Make Music - Three Trick Horses Entertai

Perform Live &

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Fans Watch Live


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Fans & Influencers Share On Social Media

Venues Host Live


Media & Celebrities
Promote The Project


Fans Pledge &

Get Music

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Event Sponsors


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Project Events Raise 

Over $1 Million


Wildfire Victims

Receive Relief

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