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How It All Works Together - 

The Smaller Details

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Need Details?

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A Song For The West

1. We gather together awesome Bands & Artists

2. We launch events on kickstarter and social media to fund the project, along with Brand Sponsorships

3. The events include hundreds of Bands & Artists who contribute or write songs for firestorm victims, record songs that then go on compilation albums, and perform those songs at both online and live concerts and festivals

4. Fans pledge on kickstarter and get live concerts and recorded music as rewards

5. A Song For The West (and affiliated music projects), Bands & Artists, Recording Studios, and Venues donate a portion of the proceeds to help Covid 19 and Wildfire victims

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Kickstarter Funding Campaigns


1. We have created multiple projects that will launch on Kickstarter to raise money for music songwriting, performance, and recordings through crowdfunding

2. All projects create music content for fans, who then make pledges and receive music rewards 

3. Bands & Artists, and A Song For The West, agree to donate a portion of the proceeds to firestorm relief to help benefit firestorm victims

Bands & Artists


1. Bands & Artists join the  A Song For The West  music project. We will continue to add new bands & artists for the first week of the kickstarter launch

2. They create songs in live songwriting sessions during the Kickstarter campaign, or submit songs for the compilation albums

3. They then perform those songs live during online music festival events for A Song For The West as part of the kickstarter campaign

4. After money is raised through crowdfunding they then record those songs

5. Submitted songs are then compiled into compilation albums, and sent to fans as rewards who already pledged during the kickstarter fundraising campaign

6. After the kickstarter campaigns, digital compilation albums will continue to be available for purchase online through digital media and social media

5. Hundreds of Bands & Artists participate in multiple events to raise money for the A Song For The West music project, to record and sell their songs

6. A Song For The West (and affiliated music projects), Bands & Artists, Recording Studios, and Venues donate a portion of the proceeds to help Covid 19 and Wildfire victims with The Firestorm Relief project

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Music Revolution -  Girl In Tommorowland

Fans, Pledgers, & Donations


1. Without Bands and Artists, there is no music. Without Fans, there is no music being heard

2. Fans unite to accomplish two great goals - help bands survive through the pandemic by pledging or purchasing music and live performance events, and help bands & artists raise money to help wildfire victims

3. This is accomplished through fans pledging and buying music through the Song For The West Kickstarter and social media project

4. Once the Kickstarter campaign is over and pledges have been made and fulfilled, the songs and compilation albums will be made available for purchase on all digital and streaming platforms

5. Get music now - help firestorm victims!

6. A Song For The West, and Unmask The Music are projects started by The New Music Revolution. The New Music Revolution is a new music business model that put's the music first and puts band and artist needs before the music industry, not the other way around. You can soon check out the mothership at

Event Sponsors


1. What happened to Coachella? Why, Covid19, of course. And Summer festivals, concert series, house concerts? Same thing. All shut down due to the inability to gather for safety and social distancing reasons.

2. Translation: Bands and Artists have lost their livelihood, and have had to turn to online music performances. They've completely lost their touring income!

3. Sponsors and Fans are largely the monetary lifeblood that makes it possible for those same Bands and Artists to get paid for live concerts. So...that's right, enter A Song For The West

4. Sponsors, we ask you to support the amazing Bands & Artists who will create & share their music, which also will help Firestorm victims. Call us now! Let's Go!

Music Revolution - Helen Owen at Coachel

Celebrities & Influencers


1. Social Media has quickly become the delivery platform and connective thread where most people communicate and get their music

2. We are asking both Social Media platforms and the music fans who use them to share this project far and wide on all social platforms - and for celebrities and Social influencers to get involved in this great project and let your voice be heard

3. Also "liking or following" our social pages, and participating in watching and talking about the bands & artists during the live events who write music, perform that music, and sell that music, would be awesome!

4. If you are a celebrity, social influencer, or music fan with a large following, what better way to help both bands & artists, as well as wildfire victims?



1. TV, Radio, Magazines, and News, whether it's online or via traditional Media delivery platforms, we would love for you to talk about our project and tell your audience about the effort of these great Bands & Artists to write and perform original songs to help raise funding for covid 19 and Wildfire victims

2. What if Talk Show hosts, editors, writers, online hosts, and any media platforms talked about this event? What if we could raise a million dollars or more during our Kickstarter launch?

3. Buy music content = help Firestorm victims! 

4. Promote this project = help bands and help people

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Podcasters, Show Hosts, & Content Creators


1. Hey, we like Joe Rogan and Chris Stapleton...because they are real! That's why we love Dave Chapelle as well. Keepin it real. Fake people need not apply. That's what we are about as well. Real Musicians, real people suffering from the Wildfires. Real help from those that care

2. We ask all media, social media, podcasters, show hosts, and content creators to throw some love our way and help us get the word out about this project

4. Hey. Guess what? We could do your show. Yeah, like come on your show. And talk... and play music. And Sing. On your show. Wouldn't that be swell? Nifty? Terrificante?
Most awesome dude?

3. Because Smokey says "Only you can help prevent forest fires...from utterly destroying people's lives." (At least if he could talk, we think that's what he would say) So tune in, pledge to our kickstarter, watch our podcasts, and spread the good word

Venues, Festivals, & House Concerts


1. Venues, Festivals, and House Concerts have been unable to run their businesses with live music performances due to Covid 19, and now fires threatening towns in the West 

2. Following Covid safe guidelines, and in conjunction with the Unmask The Music project, they will host live  video of Bands writing songs for the project, and then in another event doing a live online festival performing those songs and doing concerts for the A Song For The West project. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Firestorm relief

3. It's time to support these small business owners and get the fans and musicians back together for live music concerts again! It's time to unmask the music

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Firestorm Victims and Covid19


1. The Fires are bad. Really, really bad. This year especially they have devestated areas of California and Oregon. All the other Western United States have also been hit with thousands of fires.

2. People are suffering. Big time. Many people need relief. 

3. Covid 19 destroyed the Independent music industry and the ability of touring Bands and Artists to perform their art and make a living. The wildfires have destroyed thousands of properties and homes, cost billions of dollars in loss, and left many people homeless and without their life's possessions and memorabilia in their destructive wake. It will take years to recover

4. A Song For The West, and The Firestorm Relief Project aim to make a dent in both those areas. Please help us make a difference today

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Recording Studios


1. Recording Studios can help in a big way.

2. Once the Artists have written new songs live online, then performed them during the weekend online music festivals, they will need to record the song for inclusion in the digital compilation albums the fans will receive for their pledges.

3. On the last weekend of the live project, Artists will start to record their songs in the studio in front of a live online audience. This will be filmed live from the recording studios, and A Song For The West will also feature the studio for fans and other Bands & Artists watching.

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